Pakula Dojo Peche® Hooks

untitledDojo Hooks are custom made specifically for Pakula Tackle Australia. The hooks are double ground pre-sharpened, made in Korea using high strength 402J2 Stainless Steel.

Dojo Hooks are very short hook with a wide gape and turned in beak point shaped to maximise hook up rates.

To minimise confusion with hook sizes Dojo Hooks are sized according to their gape. This is a useful method to choose the right sized hook. For a skirted lure, the hook gape should equal the lure head diameter. For example if you wish to choose a hook for a lure with a 25mm head diameter you choose a size 25 hook.

Dojo Hooks are also ideal for live baiting, as a jig assist hook and most applications requiring a great hook hook up rate using a strong sharp hook.

Note that points and barbs are generic as the same hook can be used with several line classes. This often means that points and barbs should be filed or ground to suit as per video below.

WARNING: Dojo Peche® Hooks are super sharp and will easily penetrate most things they come in contact with including humans and anything surrounding them. They should be handled with extreme caution even by those experienced in handling very sharp hooks.

Dojo X Hooks

Pakula Dojo Peche Hooks
Size mm: Light Hooks Strong Hooks For Lures
15 DH15   Original Bugs and Skippies
20 DH20   Dojo Peche: Uzi, Fluzi, and Micro Uzi, Shredder 15
25 DH25 DHX25 Dojo Peche: Uzi, Fluzi, and Micro Uzi (if fishing for small Billfish) Zipper, Mosquito, Needy, Micro Sprocket, Mini Sprocket, Cockroach, Phantom, Stubby, Hornet, Shredder 25
30 DH30 DHX30 Original Series - Small Sprocket, Mouse, Guru,
35 DH35 DHX35 Medium Sprocket, Mouse, Guru, Shaker, Medium Beer Gut,Shredder 35
40 DH40 DHX40 Sprocket, Rat, Bagwan, Beer Got, Pacemaker, Yank, Changa,
Animal, Wombat, Warlord, Shredder 40, Shredder 55


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