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Small Softease® Pakula Lures
Medium Density PU Head, Softease Fang Insert, Lumo Eyes, UV2 Additives

softeasetagThe range of Small Pakula Lures include the totally updated version of the mighty little Cockroach, and further updates to this range known as the Softease Fang range introduced in 3rd Quarter 2010, one of the most productive lures to ever troll the seven seas. As with all our lures we have modified all the lures in this size to give you a comprehensive range of small lures for light tackle game fishing on tackle as light as 6kg. Do not underestimate their capabilities, they are just as useful trolling the wide canyons on heavy tackle as part of a spread of larger lures as they are on the light tackle grounds for Sailfish and smaller Marlin.

Apart from their inherent action and ease of use, these lures are the size of most small schooling baitfish and therefore more likely to match the hatch. To improve your odds each lure has it's own specific action to trigger feeding responses. Match to all this the choice of Pakula skirt colours and the new SOFTease material and all you have to do is find the fish!

The individual characteristics of each lure is as follows:

Pakula Cockroach®


The "mighty" Cockroach works well in all trolling positions. Though primarily a short rigger lure since the introduction of the rest of this range which are better in the other trolling positions. The Cockroach has an aggressive action that hugs the water at all trolling speeds and will work fine in all weather conditions. This lure has gained an enormous reputation, quite simply because it works so well!
Name: Cockroach® Code: PSRO20 Length: 212mm / 8.25"
Hooks: Dojo Size 25 Min Class: 6kg Max Trace: 300lb
Position: Short Rigger (all positions) Main Colours: Violeta, Lumo, Blue Kona, Yakka, Frigate

Pakula Mini Sprocket®


The Mini Sprocket is designed as a long rigger lure with a tight swimming action primarily for use in calm seas up to a light chop. The results on this lure have mirrored its larger brother the Lumo Sprocket which is our best tournament performer. Just make sure a Lumo stays on the long rigger.

Name: Mini Sprocket® Code: PSSP20 Length: 223mm / 8.75"
Hooks: Dojo Size 25 Min Class: 6kg Max Trace: 300lb
Position: Long Rigger Main Colours: Lumo, Illusion, Evil Angel

Pakula Phantom


The Phantom is a long corner, long rigger and shot gun special. Its straight, tight swimming action will continue in any conditions at any speed. Even when the fishing has shut down the Phantom still performs its spell catching lots of fish in waters where no other lures or even live baits are working.

Name: Phantom™ Code: PSLS20 Length: 240mm / 9.50"
Hooks: Dojo Size 25 Min Class: 6kg Max Trace: 300lb
Position: Long Corner, Shot Gun Main Colours: Fallen Angel, Violeta, Yakka, Blue Slash

 Pakula Stubby®




The Stuby is a small Beer Gut. It has a tight shallow action that fish find very easy to grab. It's a great lure that will be easy to position for the novice as it will work in any position.

Name: Stubby® Code: PSBG20 Length: 228mm / 9.00"
Hooks: Dojo Size 25 Min Class: 6kg Max Trace: 300lb
Position: Long Corner, Long Rigger, Shot Gun Main Colours: Yum Yum, Falen Angel, Frigate, Yakka

This is a comprehensive range of lures. If you are on a budget, you can't afford not to select a pattern of lures from this range. One of each in the colours listed in our specification or pattern sheet will allow you to fish competitively anywhere from Tasmania to St Thomas for any game fish normally caught on trolling lures, especially Tuna and all species of Billfish. There is no other set of lures that are as versatile as the range of small sized Pakula Lures!