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Medium Paua Hothead® Pakula Lures
Hard Head, Paua Insert, Lumo Face, UV2 Additives

HotheadTagMedium Pakula Lures are the ambassadors of our range, being the first to become established in new areas. It was the Medium Sprocket that Don of Kona Fishing Tackle, Hawaii, used first and had enough success to warrant stocking Pakula Lures in his shop.

It is our recommendation that if you are fishing somewhere new, you should be using this selection of lures. They are big enough to tempt the monsters of the sea small enough to be engulfed by the smaller ones as well.

As the lures increase in size they become more specific in regards to their placement in the lure pattern. It is advisable to troll these and larger lures where they have been designed to run.

The individual characteristics of each lure is as follows:

Pakula Mouse™

The Mouse is a short rigger lure that has no equal in this size. The most productive colours are Stripy, Fuzz and Frigate. The action is aggressive and will hug the water at all trolling speeds and will work fine in all weather conditions. This lure has maintained it's great reputation, quite simply because it works so well in this position!

Name: Mouse™ Code: PDRO35 Length: 278mm / 11.00"
Hooks: Dojo Size 35 Min Class: 8kg Max Trace: 400lb
Position: Short Rigger Main Colours: Violeta, Frigate, Fuzz, Hot Frigate

Pakula Medium Sprocket®
The Medium Sprocket is a long rigger lure with a tight swimming action that will work in all conditions at any trolling speed. This family of lures has been responsible for a great many of the successes of Pakula lures in fact as Peter Pakula says: "always run one of the Sprocket family in Lumo colours, and never move it!"
Name: Medium Sprocket® Code: PDSP35 Length: 286mm / 11.50"
Hooks: Dojo Size 35 Min Class: 8kg Max Trace: 400lb
Position: Long Rigger Main Colours: Lumo, Illusion, Evil Angel, Fallen Angel

Pakula Guru™
The Guru is a long corner, long rigger and shot gun special. Its straight, tight swimming action will continue in any sea conditions at any speed. As with all lures the Guru may blow out from time to time but as Pakula Lures it will not tumble or tangle, landing perfectly every time.
Name: Guru™
Code: PDLS35 Length: 290mm / 11.50"
Hooks: Dojo Size 35 Min Class: 8kg Max Trace: 400lb
Position: Long Corner, Shot Gun Main ColoursFallen Angel, Blue Kona, Blue Slash

Pakula Shaker™
The Shaker is the updated version of the original Beer Barrel. Though smaller in size this lure has indeed out performed the original. It is the rough weather master, working in all sea conditions in all trolling positions, though it is primarily a short rigger and short corner lure. It has a violent head shake action creating maximum sonic vibrations that fish find irresistible.
Name: Pakula Shaker® Jet Code: PDSSJ35 Length: 290mm / 11.50"
Hooks: Dojo Size 35 Min Class: 10kg Max Trace: 400lb
Position: Short Corner, Shot Gun Main Colours:Violeta, Frigate, Hot Frigate, Fuzz, Black Betty, Gold Kona

Pakula Medium Beer Gut®
The Medium Beer Gut is almost too easy to use. In any position, in any condition this lure just keeps on working with its straight, tight swimming action and narrow smoke trail. Though it's so easy to use it will produce the goods for experts as well as novices.
Name: Medium Beer Gut® Code: PDBG35 Length: 295mm / 11.75"
Hooks: Dojo Size 35 Min Class:8kg Max Trace: 400lb
Position: All Positions Main Colours: Yum Yum, Blue Slash, Blue Kona, Evil Angel